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Dreams In Time, Ch. 4: The Burn of the Clear Blue Twinkle

TITLE: Dreams In Time  4 of ??
AUTHOR: Casey Snape

DISCLAIMER: The characters and concepts in the following story do not belong to me. I just like to play with them and make them do naughty things to each other. They are the property of JKR, all of her assignees, yada yada yada, so on and so forth, BUT if she ever wants to get rid of Sev, well, I’ve got first dibs. 
WARNINGS: OTP & HBP never happened. AU. Time Travel / MPreg / Graphic Sex / Rimming 

Not a lot of action in this chapter, but some needed conversation.....




Chapter 4: The Burn of the Clear Blue Twinkle


Albus signed heavily. He stretched his aged hand out toward the small dish with containing his lemon drops, the ones generously fortified with calming potion. He hesitated for several long moments before picking up six of the tart candies and popping them into his mouth. “Severus, dear boy, I do wish you would have informed me of this much earlier. Maybe then, I could have done something.”


“That’s exactly it, Albus. Don’t you think I agonized over this? For years, I have fought with myself over this. I have weighed all the options, but in the end, I had no choice. I could not stop it. I just was not strong enough.”  Severus rushed to finish the statement before the pain coursing through him caused his voice, and the slim hold he had on the rest of his emotions, to break. Letting out a slow, tortured breath, Severus closed his watery eyes and dropped his head back against the chair. “I love him, Albus. I don’t think I could live if I lost that. I don’t think I would want to. I would have nothing to hope for, dream about, to fight for. I. Love. Him.”


Albus heaved his brightly-clad body out of the chair and crossed the room to stand beside Severus. He cautiously placed on hand on the younger man’s shoulder, and squeezed lightly. “I know, Severus. I remember him. I remember you with him. That memory is what made me believe you and accept you back after you took the mark. I don’t think I would have or could have, changed what has happened, but maybe I could have helped in some way. Merlin knows, if it was Minnie, I would be in the same situation as you. I could not have stopped it for the world.”


Severus lifted his hand and smoothed the hand that was still lightly squeezing his shoulder. “Thank you, Albus. That does mean a lot to me. But what are we going to do about the Order and the search? You know how long Harry will be gone. We can not keep everyone guessing for that amount of time.”


“You’re right, dear boy, you’re right.” Sighed Albus. “But the Order does not need to know everything. In fact, I think the less they know, to a point, the better. I will call another Order meeting in the morning, before breakfast. We will have to be very careful. Others might remember him also”


Severus gave Albus’s hand one last pat, nodded, and rose from the chair. “I will see you in the morning, then.” Albus nodded as Severus left the room. He crossed over to the window near Fawkes’s perch. With the twinkle burning brightly in his clear blue eyes, he addressed his faithful phoenix. “Well, my pet, things are about to get interesting.” The bird cocked its head to one side, closed one eye in a deliberate manner, and disappeared in a ball of orange and red fire. Albus chuckled.




Harry slowly stood as he watched the man and boy approach. He started when he saw the boy, no, young man. Images of inky black hair and soft alabaster skin flashed through his mind. He shook his head to clear the images and realized both of the men were looking at him now. One was old, with half moon glasses perched on a pert, wrinkled nose, framing clear blue *twinkling* eyes, long white hair and beard (tinged with just a bit of red), and wearing the brightest orange robes and hat Harry could ever imagine. There were images of little brooms carrying buckets of water and an odd mouse character marching to and fro all over them. Harry laughed before he caught himself. This had to be Professor Dumbledore.


The other was tall, thin with straight, lanky black hair and black eyes. He had a patrician nose, and skin that looked like it had never seen the sun. He was wearing all black, except for an emblem on the left breast of his robe. It was green and silver and featured a snake in the shape of an “S”. And he was watching Harry closely. This must be “Severus”, as he heard the professor call him.


“I’m Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This is Severus Snape, one of our 7th year Slytherin students and Assistant Professor of Potions, years 1 through 4. And you are?” The old man smiled and twinkled at him.


“I’m Ha – Harrison, Alexander……. Harrison, actually. I was told to come look for you when I got here. I am in need of your assistance.” Harry answered nervously. His palms were beginning to sweat, and so he wiped them on his pant leg before extending the right one in an offer to shake the professor’s hand.


The Professor smiled again and twinkled even more, if that was possible. “Of course, dear boy, of course. I must say I don’t think I have ever seen that cut of robe before. I must talk to Ms. McKinley at the Robe shop about that. Very nice, very nice indeed” He stuck out his hand and shook the boy’s hand. “Now, let’s go up to my office and we can discuss this in comfort.” He stepped up to the gargoyle and whispered the password, “Bubble up” and stepped back as the staircase began to move. He ushered Severus and Harry up the stairs and moved behind them to follow. As they entered the office, he turned to Severus and said, “Lemon Drop, boys? No? Well, in that case, Severus, if you don’t mind waiting in my study, I would appreciate the time to talk to Mr. Harrison here. Perhaps you could set up the chess board and give me a chance to redeem myself after my resounding loss to you last week. I’ll have the house elves bring some tea and biscuits for you while you wait.”


“Of course, Professor”, the young man intoned. Harry jerked his head up when he heard the voice. It was smooth, deep, dark. It reminded him on velvet, only more. He watched the dark man step through a panel on the wall, only to be brought out of his revelry by the amused cough of Albus Dumbledore. “Have a seat. Would you like anything? Now, what can I do for you, Ha – Mr. Harrison?”


Harry cleared his throat nervously. Then, cleared it again. And again. Finally he took the box out of his robe and handed it soundlessly to old man. Albus blinked, then slowly opened the box. He took out the letter, and, glancing at Harry, began to read.  He read the letter over three times, then turned his attention back to the young man anxiously wringing his hands before him.


“Well, this is quite a story. Do you trust the writer?” At Harry’s nod, he continued, “In that case, we will have to get you settled. There is only just a few days left of school. Exams have already begun. We need to get you sorted so you can take them.” He turned his attention to the corner, “Fawkes, the sorting hat please?”


The phoenix picked up the grumbling sorting hat, and brought it to the professor. Dumbledore picked it up, stroked the feathers on his familiar’s head lovingly, and moved around the desk to Harry. “This won’t hurt a bit, Alexander.” He placed the hat on Harry’s head, and leaned back against the desk to wait.


“Mr. Potter, or should I say Harrison? It is a pleasure. Now, now. I know. You have secrets and they are perfectly safe with me. Hufflepuff – no. That one is not for you. While, with the proper discipline, you could be a Ravenclaw, well, that’s not an option at this point is it? Gryffindor is out. Too many risks in that one. That leaves where I wanted to put you all along – where you belong. SLYTHERIN.” 


Harry shook his head. Slytherin. Just great. Well, at least it wasn’t Hufflepuff. Dumbledore laughed and clapped his hands, “Wonderful, wonderful.” He took the sorting hat and walked to the panel and stuck his head through, “Severus, can you come through, my boy?”


The dour young man stepped through almost immediately. “Yes, Professor. Did you need anything?”


“Yes, yes. Young Mr. Harrison will be joining us for the remainder of this term, and possibly through the summer. He has just been sorted into Slytherin. Since the Slytherin dorms are full, I thought that perhaps Mr. Harrison could stay with you in your rooms in the dungeon. Also, I thought that perhaps you could take Mr. Harrison to Diagon Alley to shop for new clothes, robes, and school supplies. We can discuss that problem you are experiencing when you get back.”


Snape scowled, but nodded anyway. “Yes, Headmaster. We will leave at once, if Mr. Harrison is agreeable?” He looked at Harry. “Y-yes. I’m agreeable. Thank you, Professor, and you, too, Mr. – um, Professor Snape.”


Snape scowled again. “Severus, if you please. The only ones that call me Professor are the younger years.” He walked to the fireplace and got a handful of floo powder. Harry picked up the letter and box, stuffed them into his robes, and walked to the fireplace. He looked back over his shoulder at Professor Dumbledore, who only nodded and twinkled at him. Snape tossed the floo powder in, stepped into the fireplace and moved to one side. “It will be easier if we do this together.” Harry nodded and stepped in next to Severus. “Diagon Alley.” Severus called out, and they disappeared in a swirl of green flames.


Albus stood watching the flames for a moment before turning back to his faithful familiar, clear blue eyes twinkling like mad. “Well, Fawkes, I am glad you came to join me. I hope your counterpart enjoys himself in your time. And thank you for letting me know about Mr. Potter…”


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